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Specializing in couples with relationship problems, families in distress and individuals with depression, anxiety, trauma and Bipolar disorder.
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Welcome to my practice.  I provide therapy for couples, families and individuals in San Antonio, TX as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Working With A Therapist

Making the choice to seek help by seeking therapy can be a difficult decision.  Counseling may also bring up many uncomfortable feelings.

I understand.

Working with a therapist is not everyone’s first thought when life becomes unmanageable, but it works for many people.  It works because many of the psychological problems we experience are rooted in how we have learned to function in our relationships. Therapists are excellent at helping people understand cure issues behind how we act and then make changes for the better.  When symptoms like anxiety, depression or overwhelming anger affect your work and relationships with family and friends, it’s time to get help.  A therapist can be an excellent coach and adviser helping you address the root causes of emotional and relationship problems.

For couples and families in distress, counseling often provides the safe non-judgmental space to finally start healing from all those communication issues, betrayals and trust struggles we all run into eventually.

My approach in counseling is both collaborative and goal oriented.  I often start by introducing new coping skills to quickly deescalate conflicts and reduce the most troubling parts of anxiety, depression, relationship distress and mood instability.  We then explore how problems began to surface and then attack them head on.  Whether you are dealing with an individual disorder or serious relationship discord, working with a therapist is an excellent choice.

My Specialties

  • Couples therapy for relationship distress, infidelity, trust and communication problems
  • Family therapy for behavioral issues, communication issues and life transitions
  • Individual therapy for depression, anxiety, trauma recovery and bipolar disorder

About Ryan

I became a therapist after ten years working in education and ministry.  I received my Master’s in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis is marriage and family therapy from Azusa Pacific University.  My breadth of experience comes from working in a variety of careers, cultures and multiple mental health environments.  It has has given the perspective needed to help people deal with complicated and  confusing relationship problems as well as serious mental health problems.

My work experience in mental health includes a variety of therapeutic settings including inpatient psychiatric treatment for addiction and severe mental illness, community mental health counseling, group therapy, and hospital pediatric intensive care units.  I’ve developed three specialties:  couples therapy, medical family therapy, and individual psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, trauma recovery and bipolar disorder.

Before practicing in San Antonio, Texas, I spent the majority of my life in southern California.  I am a proud Eagle Scout, Denver Broncos and Spurs fanatic as well as a devout Tour de France watcher.  When I’m not serving my community as a therapist, I’m tyring my best to balance being outdoors, staying connected to friends and family on the west coast, and spending quality time with my wife and two boys.